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General Pest Control

Our team is equipped with effective, eco-friendly pesticides and professional tools to cover every corner of your home and turn it into a NO PEST ZONE!

Here is what to expect during your General Pest Control Service:

Interior Of The Home

After your initial visit, your interior typically won't require treatment every visit but it is available upon request.

  1. Treat all accessible baseboards, windowsills and door frames with a long-lasting residual spray.

  2. Treat accessible plumbing voids under sinks, behind toilets, and the washer and dryer.

  3. Treat in between and under major appliances.

  4. Treat and remove webs and nests on all accessible floorboards, wall joints  and inside the base of exterior doors in the garage, if accessible. 

  5. Attic treatment (inspect and treat rodents and other insects, as necessary).


Exterior Of The Home

Always Prepared

  1. Liquid power spray a 3’ perimeter around the home.

  2. Fog for mosquitoes and other flying insects 20’ out around the perimeter of the home.

  3. Spray/mist exterior walls and accessible eaves, trees, and plants for spiders, wasps, etc.

  4. Treat and remove spider webs and wasp and mud dauber nests from accessible 1st and 2nd-floor eaves, trees, and plants.

  5. Blast pesticide into weep holes and other accessible cracks and crevices around the home.

  6. Additional visits during mosquito season (April-October) can be added on for a reduced price to customers on a re-occurring plan.

Exterior Yard & Fence

High-Quality Professionalism

  • Inspect and treat flower/landscape beds and the surrounding yard.

  • Power spray the base of your fence line and corners of the fence as well as inspect under cross beams and vertical posts for ants, spiders, wasps, and mud daubers.

  • Inspect and spot treat around play equipment as necessary.

  • Treat around any separate storage buildings on the property (inside upon request).

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