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Mosquito Season Pass

Starts at $59 a visit, Call For Pricing

Our Mosquito Control Service targets and combats one of the most annoying pests we encounter while outdoors. On top of mosquitoes ruining our outdoor activities, they also can carry dangerous diseases such as: Zika Virus, West Nile Virus & Malaria, making it imperative to reduce the mosquito problem around your home.

What To Expect:

  • The first thing our technicians will do is inspect any areas conducive to mosquito breeding. If there are areas where standing water is not easily dumped, filled, or drained, we'll treat the water with a mosquito-killing briquette.

  • After locating breeding sites around your property, we will apply a mosquito treatment. The products we use are applied using a professional backpack blower that blows a fine mist several yards up in the air and through dense foliage, grass, shrubs, and any areas with high mosquito populations. For those with waterfront properties, we use an essential-oil based solution to repel mosquitoes without harming local fish and wildlife populations.


  • Seasonal plans which include a bi-weekly or monthly treatment and prevention to reduce the mosquito population surrounding your home.

  • Options for one time treatments, which is great for hosting events such as a backyard BBQ, weddings, birthday parties, etc.

  • Treatment of high risk areas such as gardens, under patio decks & other damp areas, special attention to areas containing stagnant water which can be a breeding ground for these pests

  • We can also install & maintain a mosquito misting system that will reduce your mosquito population year round. A mosquito misting system is a fixed/permanent system that is installed on your home, fence, and/or concerned areas. This system will release an insecticide mist in the morning and evening when they're most active for maximum coverage and control.

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