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Move In Ready Special

Termite Control

Termite Treatment Special

Pest Control

Mosquito Treatment Special

  • Full pest inspection of the home & yard.

  • One time interior and exterior treatment.

  • Sweep down spider webs, wasp nests, mud daubers, etc from the interior/exterior of the home.

  • One time mosquito treatment

  • Option to upgrade to a customized pest, termite and mosquito plan

  • General Pest Inspection of home & yard

  • Treatment of the affected area up to 30 linear feet

  • Option to upgrade to a custom treatment plan

  • Option to add a termite warranty for treated & untreated areas 

  • General pest inspection of home & yard

  • One time exterior treatment of home & yard for mosquitoes

  • One time treatment of high risk areas for mosquitoes 

  • Option to upgrade to a custom treatment plan

Move In Ready Special- $120

Purchasing A New Home And Want It To Be Pest/Insect Free?

Our move-in ready service offers a 1 time interior and exterior treatment, a treatment of the yard, fence line, play grounds, and small sheds/structures on the property. Our yard treatment covers up to 5,000 sqft. This treatment will also include a complimentary mosquito spray.


  • Treat all accessible baseboards on the 1st and 2nd floors and closets.

  • Treat accessible plumbing voids under sinks, behind toilets, and the washer and dryer.

  • Treat in between and under major appliances.

  • Treat and remove webs and nests on all accessible floorboards, wall joints (horizontally high, low, and vertical), and inside the base of exterior doors in the garage, if accessible.

  • Attic treatment (inspect and treat rodents and other insects, as necessary).

Image by Roam In Color
Image by Ian MacDonald


  • Power spray 3’ perimeter around the home

  • Treat and remove spider webs and wasp and mud dauber nests from accessible 1st and 2nd-floor eaves, trees, and plants (depending on wind conditions and height of the eaves or trees).

  • Blast pesticide into weep holes, the foundation, and other accessible cracks and crevices around the home.

  • Completely treat around all exterior doors and the bases of all accessible windows.

  • Treat the exterior top, sides, and bottom of the garage door.

Exterior Yard & Fence

  1. Inspect and treat flower beds and the entire yard (Up to 5,000 sqft) for insects & fire ants.

  2. Power spray the base of your fence line and corners of the fence as well as inspect under cross beams and vertical 4x4 posts (ants, spiders, wasps, and mud daubers).

  3. Inspect and spot treat around play equipment as necessary (black widow spiders, mud daubers, and wasps).

  4. Treat around any separate playgrounds and storage buildings on the property (inside upon request).

  5. One time mosquito treatment.

Image by Dakota Lim

For the best treatment results possible we encourage you to have us come in when the home is vacant between transfer of ownership to ensure a complete treatment can be performed. 

Our goal is to make your home completely insect/pest free upon moving in.

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