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Termite Control

Priced per Linear Foot, Call For a Custom Quote

Most people do not even know they have termite damage until the damage is already done. 

Our team is trained and equipped to thoroughly inspect and treat your home for any termite issues they may find.

Pest Control

Termite Inspection & Treatment

  • We are committed to getting the job done. Our team will come up with a customized treatment plan catered to your home's unique needs.

  • If you suspect termite activity around your home, give us a call and we’ll send out one of our knowledgeable termite technicians to inspect your home for any visible termite activity or damage.

  • If active termites are observed and identified, our team will be able to give you a quote for treatment the same day. If you don’t have termites, we will gladly provide you with information that outlines what areas of the home are conducive to termites. At this time, it may be a good idea to consider our Termite Warranty!

Termite Monitoring

  • We offer termite monitoring and bait station installation for high-risk homes to keep an eye on termites before they become a problem. Typically, it takes over a year for a newly-formed colony to begin consuming your home so catching termites early can make a big difference.

  • Certain neighborhoods or loans may require some sort of termite monitoring or baiting stations be installed so we make it easy and affordable for you to get the job done and satisfy their requirements.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports

  • If you are preparing to buy a home, you may be instructed to submit a WDI report to your lender. This report is written by a pest control professional after they have inspected the property for any signs of damage caused by wood-destroying insects or activity from wood-destroying insects.

  • Even if your lender does not require this report, it’s a wise idea to have one done alongside your home inspection. This prevents you from encountering any unpleasant surprises after you have moved into your new home.

Termite Warranty

We are dedicated to providing effective treatments to rid you of your termite infestation & to prevent termites from ever invading your property. That's why all termite treatments come with a one-year warranty that can be renewed each year. If you have our Termite Warranty, your home will be spot treated at no additional cost if termite activity is found in areas treated by us.

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